Cobbler x Cherry Wine

Mite Resistance: Below Average (Weak to broad mites) - Farmer needs plan in place for mite mitigation (foliar sulfur spray)

Mold and Mildew Resistance: Below Average - Recommended variety for arid climates

Appearance: Abundant trichomes, indica dominant

Phenotypes: Consistent appearance across population (few distinct phenotypes)

Terpenes: Sweet Tropical Fruit

Flowers: High density, medium to large colas

Branching Structure: Strong branches, tight node spacing

Plant Size: Medium (Recommended plant spacing 4’x4’)

Yield: High yield of quality flower

Maturation Time: Rapid trichome development, early maturation time (4-6 weeks)

Population Average CBD:THC Ratio: 25:1

Parent Profile

Cobbler may be the fastest finishing hemp strain we have grown so far. Our phenotype was selected for its strong branch structure, vigorous growth, and beautiful citrus terpenes. Ideally suited for greenhouse or light dep farmers looking for multiple cycles of high-quality smokable hemp. Cobbler’s early maturing characteristics makes this hybrid suitable for the first hybrid to be harvested from the field in a staggered harvest scenario.

Finishing time: Early (less than 6 weeks)

Average CBD:THC ratio- 25:1

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