T1 x Cherry Wine

Mite Resistance: Above average

Mold and Mildew Resistance: Above average

Appearance: Uniform, large, dark green waxy leaves, easily identified across the field

Terpenes: Pungent orange tangerine, hint of skunk

Flowers: Dense, consistent maturity time across plant from tops to lower branch flowers

Phenotypes: 2 main phenotypes 1: Indica dominant, tight node spacing, more dense flowers 2: Sativa dominant, taller plants, longer node spacing

Branching Structure: Variable node spacing, mostly tight

Plant Size: Small (Recommended planting density 3’x3’)

Yield: Medium amount of high quality biomass

Maturation Time: Consistent across population, mid length finishing time (~6 weeks) -Not going to go hot too quickly, excellent hybrid for first time hemp farmers

Population Average CBD:THC Ratio: 25:1

Parent Profile

T1 is also becoming an industry standard, favored by high-altitude farmers due to its early finishing time. The plants tend to be stocky Indica dominant bushes that show strong resistance to pests and disease. T1 retains it’s noticeably dark green color throughout flower, where purple and reds are seen near harvest in colder temps. Overall growth is slower compared to more the Sativa dominant strains (Sweetgrass, Chardonnay) and tighter plant spacing should be utilized, such as 3’ x 3’.

Finishing time: Early (less than 6 weeks)

Average CBD:THC ratio- 25:1



A sample of T1 pushed to the edge of compliance, to give an idea of the total CBD potential of a compliant 25:1 cultivar.

Mid Flower COA for Cherry Wine
Mid Flower COA for Cherry Wine

This is a COA of a sample taken during ~ week 6 of flower.