Wife x Cherry Wine

Mite Resistance: Limited Data

Mold and Mildew Resistance: Limited data

Appearance: Abundant trichomes


Flowers: Dense, small but plentiful high quality flowers

Phenotypes: Generally consistent across population

Branching Structure: Tight node spacing, high degree of branching, weaker branches overall -weak to hail damage

Plant Size: Small (Recommended plant spacing 3’x3’)

Yield: Medium, high quality flowers

Maturation Time: Consistent across population, early to mid length finishing time (4-6 weeks)

Population Average CBD:THC Ratio: 25:1

Parent Profile

Wife produces top quality flowers that could be found on the shelves of a Denver dispensary. Dense flowers, early resin production, and a Sativa dominant branch structure are some defining characteristics of this phenotype. The Wife is a good choice for people growing for clones, as it is shown to be a fast rooter with a generous amount of cuttings offered per plant. The plant structure is very similar to our phenotype of the Cherry Wine, but with a lower yield.


Finishing time: Middle (6-8 weeks)

Average CBD:THC ratio- 25:1

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