Sweetgrass x Cherry Wine

Mite Resistance: Average spider mite resistance, high broad mite resistance

Mold and Mildew Resistance: Average

Appearance: Abundant trichomes, fast trichome development, finishes with fantastic shades of purple and red

Terpenes: Sweet, earthy, butterscotch

Flowers: High density, large colas

Phenotypes: Two major phenotypes 1: Short Indica dominant plant with tight node spacing and early maturing buds 2: Taller Sativa dominant plant with longer node spacing, bigger yield, mid length maturation rate Branching Structure: Strong branches overall

Plant Size: Large (Recommended plant spacing 5’x5’)

Yield: High, “The Cola Queen”

Maturation Time: Variable, generally mid length finishing time across population (~6 weeks). Well suited for growers with a longer growing season

Population Average CBD:THC Ratio: 25:1

Parent Profile

Sweetgrass is a Shakti’Seeds hybrid bred from the Otto II Franklin phenotype and Cobbler with open pollination. It was selected from a large population as being the strongest phenotype in terms of overall vigor, yield, branch strength, and early resin production. With cool temperatures, this phenotype finishes purple with hints of red. Rapid trichome development will require the farmer to monitor THC levels and harvest on time. Colorado Sweetgrass hybrids are likely to use up every inch of 4’ x 4’ spacing with proper soil preparation and planting time. 

Finishing time: Early (less than 6 weeks)

Average CBD:THC ratio- 26:1

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