Cherry Wine S1 

Mite Resistance: Weak, farmer needs plan in place for mite mitigation (foliar sulfur spray)

Mold and Mildew Resistance: No data

Appearance: Consistent appearance, clone like, abundant trichomes

Terpenes: Passionfruit

Flowers: Large, medium density colas, prolific bud sites

Phenotypes: Consistent structure across population

Branching Structure: Sativa dominant, high degree of secondary branching

Plant Size: Medium (Recommended plant spacing 4’x4’)

Yield: High yield, lots of biomass, higher leaf:flower ratio than T1 or Cobbler hybrids

Maturation Time: Consistent across population, early to mid length finishing time (4-6 weeks)

Population Average CBD:THC Ratio: 28:1 

Parent Profile 

Cherry Wine has become an industry standard known for its high oil content, reliable CBD:THC ratios, and overall high-quality yield. These qualities made it the pollen donor of choice for our 2019 feminized seed catalog. The Cherry Wine is a relatively quick maturing variety, finishing before the end of October. We have observed that Cherry Wine maintains a compliant CBD:THC ratio in our hybrids, as well as ensuring rapid trichome development and dependable tropical fruit terpenes.

Finishing time: Middle (6-8 weeks)

Average CBD:THC ratio- 27:1

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